Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Andrea & Marc's Wedding in Baden Baden, Germany

Todays update is from an amazing wedding that took place in Baden Baden, Germany. Andrea & Marc had two wedding celebrations both of which we photographed, the first was a gorgeous civil ceremony held in the quite beautiful Theatre (a centrepiece of the town) with a small reception held back at the couples home for close family and friends. In the evening there was a party held up in the mountains for everyone coming to the wedding the following day. This small castle had glorious views across the countryside and was the perfect place for everyone to meet up and relax before the big day. On the Saturday the preparations began and once ready it was onto the church for a joint wedding and christening making this a very unique double celebration. After an unusual confetti throwing everyone made their way to Brenners Park Hotel and Spa by the canals for the first part of the reception. This ended with a balloon race and photos for us in the gorgeous nearby gardens. Finally after a small break the evening reception concluded the celebration in style with amazing food, speeches and dancing into the very small hours.  photo andrea_01_zps2be3a1c0.jpg  photo andrea_02_zpsce9d4857.jpg  photo andrea_03_zps352f4039.jpg  photo andrea_04_zps14c144d6.jpg  photo andrea_05_zps16af6125.jpg  photo andrea_06_zps743a064b.jpg  photo andrea_07_zpsad58bd63.jpg  photo andrea_08_zps15d465a0.jpg  photo andrea_09_zps0d56551c.jpg  photo andrea_10_zpsb63a9900.jpg  photo andrea_11_zps5c41c89c.jpg  photo andrea_12_zps5602d98c.jpg  photo andrea_13_zpsdbc648b3.jpg  photo andrea_14_zps47f7b94c.jpg  photo andrea_15_zpsa3077f3f.jpg  photo andrea_16_zps048fd9f1.jpg  photo andrea_17_zps205c8f83.jpg  photo andrea_18_zpsd231a5c5.jpg  photo andrea_19_zps177d2a36.jpg  photo andrea_20_zpsa6d79971.jpg  photo andrea_21_zpse3fd9f8f.jpg  photo andrea_22_zps4e7076d0.jpg  photo andrea_23_zps45bf98c2.jpg  photo andrea_24_zps0995b1b2.jpg  photo andrea_25_zps20355c82.jpg  photo andrea_26_zps821280e2.jpg  photo andrea_27_zpseda4e205.jpg  photo andrea_28_zpse8b48b8a.jpg  photo andrea_29_zps497beea1.jpg  photo andrea_30_zpse1dff885.jpg  photo andrea_31_zpsfd037e01.jpg

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