Friday, December 29, 2006

Southampton Sunshine - November 4th 2006

I always make sure my bride and grooms get first look at their pictures, which is why from time to time you will find a delay in getting a wedding online on my blog, so apologies for that.

Becky & Dan got married in a real hidden gem of a church called Off Bar Church, on Southampton's main busy shopping street, at first glance you'd never know it was there, but once inside the church, it opens up into a very modern and inspiring place of worship.

An emotional, fun and very personalised service was punctuated with a Christian rock band, readings and a brilliant slide show to keep the guests entertained whilst Becky & Dan signed the register.

Afterwards the reception was held at Botley Park Hotel where we had run of the grounds for photos. Once again the weather was incredibly kind for a November wedding with sunshine all day long. A lovely personal wedding to compliment a very sweet and relaxed couple.

The bridesmaids and ushers await the brides arrival

Becky glances across the aisle during one of the readings

Bridesmaids and Becky's Mum enjoy the couples slideshow

Becky & Dan take a walk through the Autumnal colours

The bride and groom all alone for their first dance

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