Sunday, September 13, 2015


I am delighted to say that I now have a new home for my wedding photography blog which has a complete new design with lots of extra content too. I'm leaving this blog up as an archive for all the weddings I've shot and reported on over the last decade or so but all future updates will be on my new blog which is:

Please update any bookmarks you have and I hope you've enjoyed this blog and come over to see me at my new one. Elton

Monday, August 03, 2015

Laura & James' wedding at Northcote House, Sunningdale Park Hotel

Laura and James were married on a gorgeous sunny day at one of my favourite venues in the local area. Northcote House is a beautiful venue full of features and grounds that can be explored for hours. Add a wonderful couple and their family and friends celebrating their love into the mix and you have a classic English wedding with picture opportunities galore.  photo lauraj_01_zpsa3hcq5bb.jpg  photo lauraj_02_zpsvkyoxhhc.jpg  photo lauraj_03_zps26tldrbs.jpg  photo lauraj_04_zpsjtrda1gu.jpg  photo lauraj_05_zpsr5ruxrt6.jpg  photo lauraj_06_zpsno8kvdrw.jpg  photo lauraj_07_zpsjgplickg.jpg  photo lauraj_08_zps1ws8ffao.jpg  photo lauraj_09_zpsjik4wajh.jpg  photo lauraj_10_zpsicp6d7bz.jpg  photo lauraj_11_zps9gvvboo1.jpg  photo lauraj_12_zpsxym82yb4.jpg  photo lauraj_13_zpsegw7d9wa.jpg  photo lauraj_14_zps1j5miyf7.jpg  photo lauraj_15_zpsrntxkhkw.jpg  photo lauraj_16_zpsqyuzkmgy.jpg  photo lauraj_17_zpslanzdpl3.jpg  photo lauraj_18_zpsyhrvd86p.jpg  photo lauraj_19_zpsa5bwjnuz.jpg  photo lauraj_20_zps0uaoxwre.jpg  photo lauraj_21_zpsfmyet5ws.jpg  photo lauraj_22_zpsvmgg7kc1.jpg  photo lauraj_23_zpsrseuy1rg.jpg  photo lauraj_24_zps0xrkpeza.jpg

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ceri & Nicholas's wedding at Stanwell House Hotel, Lymington

Ceri and Nicholas were married on a beautiful sunny day in Lymington. Ceri got ready at Stanwell House Hotel on the high street and then made her way up to the Church of St Thomas the Apostle at the top of the road for a lovely ceremony. This had a highlight of two of the flowergirls playing their violins beautifully during the signing of the register. Afterwards there were some lovely pictures in the church grounds and then everyone walked back down the high street to Stanwell House for a very relaxed and fun reception.  photo ceri_01_zpsqp96fhrq.jpg  photo ceri_02_zps1mrtizhz.jpg  photo ceri_03_zpseroji0z8.jpg  photo ceri_04_zpsd3jz5krt.jpg  photo ceri_05_zpsek52hczi.jpg  photo ceri_06_zpsh8jl4vld.jpg  photo ceri_07_zps6hbqyzry.jpg  photo ceri_08_zpswmvpiwzx.jpg  photo ceri_09_zpsjeqegvy4.jpg  photo ceri_10_zpsr7ip6flq.jpg  photo ceri_11_zpsw6hngsfm.jpg  photo ceri_12_zpszpsvccvs.jpg  photo ceri_13_zpszyoeqs7l.jpg  photo ceri_14_zpssih5k5wr.jpg  photo ceri_15_zpsjkum4pc6.jpg  photo ceri_16_zpshzgzd6lt.jpg  photo ceri_17_zpsgtpxprmt.jpg  photo ceri_18_zpsnosrsfsz.jpg  photo ceri_19_zpsvkzxc2u6.jpg  photo ceri_20_zpsjfkq41uh.jpg  photo ceri_21_zpslbnxofct.jpg  photo ceri_22_zpsuuxbv1xj.jpg  photo ceri_23_zpsmq4kk8ky.jpg

Friday, July 03, 2015

Amy & Rob's wedding at The Great Barn, Rolvenden

Amy & Rob were married in the beautiful rustic barn in Rolvenden. A gorgeous venue that the couple had decorated so thoughtfully to create a real English country wedding theme. Amy got ready with her entourage of bridesmaids and made the journey to the venue in a classic vintage car. Once at the venue everyone was treated to a very emotional and personal service and then it was into the garden for drinks, games and even a nice fire. The evening celebrations were started off with some really heartfelt speeches and a first for me of a Haka performed for the groom. After such a great day, the dancing was guaranteed to go into the small hours once the bride and groom had shared their first dance, as everyone was in such a wonderful celebratory mood.  photo amyl_01_zpsibstc9tw.jpg  photo amyl_02_zpsmr0lwoky.jpg  photo amyl_03_zpsrog0g6hu.jpg  photo amyl_04_zpskbxdukci.jpg  photo amyl_05_zpslvrfpbji.jpg  photo amyl_06_zpssi9gxqcr.jpg  photo amyl_07_zpsvluwhuky.jpg  photo amyl_08_zpsayx5e6ve.jpg  photo amyl_09_zpsserkfdvz.jpg  photo amyl_10_zpsaimivhrn.jpg  photo amyl_11_zpsarez8ivg.jpg  photo amyl_12_zpshe1yj1ah.jpg  photo amyl_13_zpsoovtg7qp.jpg  photo amyl_14_zpskcbjgzcw.jpg  photo amyl_15_zpsy5mxyyi7.jpg  photo amyl_16_zpsxmjmxscg.jpg  photo amyl_17_zps5oo3pg8r.jpg  photo amyl_18_zpsrgs7agzj.jpg  photo amyl_19_zps1vhlymj1.jpg  photo amyl_20_zps6gsemoal.jpg  photo amyl_21_zpskvoj7kf3.jpg  photo amyl_22_zpsvchqvebf.jpg  photo amyl_23_zpszdyrqhcy.jpg