Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Meera & Lucy's wedding at The Dairy, Waddesdon Manor

Todays update is from the gorgeous wedding of Meera & Lucy held at The Dairy, Waddesdon Manor. Held on the longest day of the year and possibly one of the hottest so far too which allowed the brides, their family and friends to enjoy the fabulous surrounds of a unique venue and outdoor wedding celebration. Meera got ready just down the road at Hartwell House whilst Lucy was getting ready at Long Crendon Manor. Once ready they made their journey's to the Dairy in lovely old vintage cars making sure no one got a sneak peek beforehand. Meera wore a beautiful traditional sari along with her bridesmaids whilst Lucy wore a gorgeous wedding dress. Individually beautiful and when seen together the brides looked just amazing. Overlooking the pond the couple made their vows and enjoyed a very personal and beautiful ceremony. Then it was onto the reception and playing hunt for the shade as the sun shone down relentlessly. Pictures in the rose garden followed and then the wedding breakfast began after Meera & Lucy came into the room to a huge round of applause and proceeded to high five everyone. Food and very thoughtful and loving speeches followed and as evening approached the happy couple set up the evening fun with the cake cutting and lovely first dance. This was a truly unique and beautiful wedding to photograph that brought together family and friends in celebration of a couples love.  photo meeralucy_01_zps2bceb5a3.jpg  photo meeralucy_02_zps58401778.jpg  photo meeralucy_03_zps7a63f8f9.jpg  photo meeralucy_04_zps9127d3d6.jpg  photo meeralucy_05_zpscb6061b4.jpg  photo meeralucy_06_zpsbff359ea.jpg  photo meeralucy_07_zps0d2a5901.jpg  photo meeralucy_08_zps950901c7.jpg  photo meeralucy_09_zpsa7b5ab24.jpg  photo meeralucy_10_zps0c1a1a0e.jpg  photo meeralucy_11_zps943376f0.jpg  photo meeralucy_12_zpsf0f54354.jpg  photo meeralucy_13_zpscd9bd4c7.jpg  photo meeralucy_14_zps1889bc2d.jpg  photo meeralucy_15_zps96626d02.jpg  photo meeralucy_16_zps6b1712ee.jpg  photo meeralucy_17_zpsf8404d91.jpg  photo meeralucy_18_zpsb3fcd29e.jpg  photo meeralucy_19_zps61d529ab.jpg  photo meeralucy_20_zpsdc346506.jpg  photo meeralucy_21_zps39936a55.jpg  photo meeralucy_23_zpsf3939c76.jpg  photo meeralucy_22_zps153d4b0a.jpg  photo meeralucy_24_zps6e72e93f.jpg

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