Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Kim & Oliver's wedding at Ramster Hall

Ramster Hall is a new venue for me and a beautiful one at that. The grounds are very pretty especially at this time of year and the venue itself has a real sense of charm running through it's veins. The gorgeous Kim got ready just up the hill from the venue and after Oli had arrived from the pub with his groomsmen it was time for Kim to make what must be the shortest drive in wedding history. The reason for which was the unfortunate timing of heavy rain, this however did nothing to dampen the celebration that then ensued. As ever in England the rain came and went and the guests and couple made full use of the breaks in the weather to create some fantastic photographic opportunities. It is also worth mentioning that this wedding party were probably the keenest dancers I've ever seen. Led by our beautiful couple the band had hardly struck a note after the first dance before the whole dance floor was swarmed upon by every generation you could think of. An amazing atmosphere, testament to what a great wedding day it was.

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